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New Sites

Embroidery Designs - Photo Stitch Designs, Free Designs, New Patterns Download Every Week
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Embroidery designs : photo stitch designs, free embroidery designs, new patterns download every week

Embroidery designs download : creative designs, free designs, new patterns download every week
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Nature - the international weekly journal of science
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Nature is a weekly journal publishing the finest peer-reviewed research in all fields of science and technology on the basis of its originality, importance, interdisciplinary interest, timeliness, accessibility, elegance and surprising conclusions

Welcome to Nature, the weekly, international, interdisciplinary journal of science.

Citations and Impact Factor
Nature is the world's most highly cited interdisciplinary science journal, according to the 2009 Journal Citation Report Science Edition (Thomson, 2010). Its Impact Factor is 34.480. The impact factor of a journal is calculated by dividing the number of citations in a calendar year to the source items published in that journal during the previous two years. It is an independent measure calculated by Thomson Reuters, Philadelphia, USA.

Aims and scope
Nature is a weekly international journal publishing the finest peer-reviewed research in all fields of science and technology on the basis of its originality, importance, interdisciplinary interest, timeliness, accessibility, elegance and surprising conclusions. Nature also provides rapid, authoritative, insightful and arresting news and interpretation of topical and coming trends affecting science, scientists and the wider public.

Nature's mission statement
First, to serve scientists through prompt publication of significant advances in any branch of science, and to provide a forum for the reporting and discussion of news and issues concerning science. Second, to ensure that the results of science are rapidly disseminated to the public throughout the world, in a fashion that conveys their significance for knowledge, culture and daily life.

Nature's original mission statement was published for the first time on 11 November 1869.

History of the Journal Nature has specially commissioned essays and videos, and timelines and an interactive forum, bringing to life the science published in Nature since 1869.

Added: 01-11-2010 - Updated: -
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Wizard Headquarters - Your Partner In Magic
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Wizard headquarters - your partner in magic

We are a magic store by magicians for magicians. we offer a wide variety of magic effects with strong audience impact. our offerings range across all magic areas, from street magic over mentalism to stage illusions and include items from well known magicians like derren brown, jay sankey, david blaine, criss angel, david copperfield and many not quite so famous but equally intriguing performers. most of our products have a low to medium difficulty level, but some require more practice. each product listing includes a detailed effect description and many have video clips illustrating the effect.

every magic trick you buy from us comes with detailed instructions, quality equipment and many include dvds illustrating the handling. we carry already carry over 10000 products and continuously grow our product catalog. if you are looking for a special item we don't have yet, contact us and we will do our best to find it for you. we only sell brand new, factory sealed, original items. should you have any questions, please contact us at or at (800) 540-0238

we set ourselves apart through our dedicated customer service. we want your shopping experience with us to be a good one and offer a 30 day money back guarantee on most of our magic products; this is unique for magic stores; should you ever receive a defect product we even pay for return shipping.

we also pride ourselves for our fast and efficient operations. we ship all orders within 1 business day, offer free ground shipping and low expedited and international shipping rates. ultimately you decide how much you pay for shipping by selecting a shipping speed based on your preferences. we keep you informed about your order each step of the way. we send you email to let you know when your order will ship, once it has shipped with a confirmation number and provide your secure online access to your invoices.
Added: 18-08-2010 - Updated: 01-11-2010
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Landcare Research NZ
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Landcare Research is New Zealand’s leading provider of solutions and advice for sustainable development and management of land-based natural resources.

Landcare Research is one of nine independent Crown Research Institutes (CRIs) founded in 1992 from a reorganisation of Government funded research in New Zealand.

We have about 380 staff, in nine locations. The largest of our research sites is at Lincoln, which is also home to our corporate office. We also have regional offices in Palmerston North and Hamilton, plus offices at Auckland, Gisborne, Wellington, Nelson, Dunedin and Alexandra.

Befitting a company that advises other organisations about sustainability, we are serious about reducing our own impacts on the environment. Our operations have been certified as carbon neutral, we have an ISO 14001 certified environmental management system, and we are a founding member of the New Zealand Business Council for Sustainable Development.

Landcare Research is New Zealand’s leading provider of solutions and advice for sustainable development and the management of land-based natural resources.

Our vision is: Innovative science for a sustainable future.
Fulfilling our vision is important because New Zealand’s social, cultural and economic well-being is inextricably linked to the state of our environment. This ‘natural capital’ comprises the ecosystems that underpin our way of life, many of our cultural aspirations, and the key industries and services upon which our economy is based.

Our research focuses on three key outcomes:

Protection and restoration of biodiversity

Sustainable land environments

Sustainable business & living

underpinned by three cross-cutting themes:

Climate change mitigation & adaptation

Sustainable Māori futures

Weeds, pests and diseases

Balancing economic growth, quality of life and ecological sustainability in the face of globalisation, population growth, increased economic activity and climate change is a considerable challenge.

It requires innovative science about business design and processes, institutional frameworks, our ecosystems and how they respond to change.

Many of our science teams are at the forefront of developing and sharing knowledge in their specialist areas. We collaborate here in New Zealand and internationally with respected research organizations, and partner closely with key customers to maximise the relevance and effectiveness of our research.

Added: 05-02-2010 - Updated: 05-02-2010
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Report error - Write a comment - Tell a friend - Comments: 0 - List making made easy
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List making made easy

Ranker is a social site and platform that is in essence an operating system for lists. we make it easy, fun, and social for users to rank things – anything – via a netflix-style drop-and-drag interface and a huge backend database. everything in our system is an object, so that we can aggregate individual lists and answer the “wisdom of crowds” question “what is the best ___”.

our app is fully distributable. so for example a travel blog can embed our app on their site that allows their users to easily rank their own favorite golf destinations. this gives the blog a sticky interactive tool, as well as valuable content showcasing a continually updated ranking of their community’s consensus picks for golf spots.

the ranker platform is flexible enough to be used for publishing, social networking, shopping, polling, even organization.
Added: 25-10-2009 - Updated: -
Preview - Visit Website
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A, A Blog For Animal Lovers
Visit Website, a blog for animal lovers, a blog for animal lovers
Added: 04-07-2009 - Updated: -
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Greve In Chianti
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Useful information on what to see and where to stay in the chianti classico wine zone

Encylopaedic information source on the popular area of tuscany in italy, located beween the art cities of florence and sienna. covers farmhouse and village tourist accommodation, as well as art, architecture, food and wine, history, plants and animals of chianti.
Added: 04-07-2009 - Updated: -
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Cambridge School Classics Project
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the Cambridge School Classics Project, home of the world-renowned Cambridge Latin Course

About the Cambridge Schools Classics Project
CSCP is a research and development project established in 1966 with funding from the Nuffield Foundation and the Schools Council. Unlike many Classical organisations, we do not charge a membership fee and have no members in the traditional sense, although the majority of UK teachers and students of Classics benefit from our work on a daily basis.


The aim of the Cambridge School Classics Project (CSCP) is to help make the classical world accessible to as many students as possible - whatever their age or background - by:

* forging strong links with teachers and learners

* advancing the pedagogy of classics teaching through research and development

* creating high quality, innovative teaching materials based on research and development

* exploiting new technologies to reach out to new audiences and create cutting-edge materials.


CSCP was set up in 1966 under a joint initiative by the University of Cambridge Faculties of Classics and Education in response to a growing crisis in classics teaching. CSCP was generously funded by the Schools Council and the Nuffield Foundation.

Two events had caused the crisis: first, the removal of Latin as a matriculation requirement in Oxford and Cambridge at the start of the 1960s; second, the emergence of comprehensive schools - and the consequent threat to grammar schools where Latin, Greek and Ancient History had always flourished.

Initial aims

The first CSCP Bulletin ("Towards a New Latin Reading Course") announced that the aim of CSCP was to:

* "develop materials and techniques which will accelerate and improve pupils' ability to read classical Latin literature and widen their knowledge of classical civilisation"

* "develop materials and courses for the non-linguistic study of Classics, with particular reference to widely varying levels of pupil ability."

Starting from first principles and taking full account of teaching methodology in modern languages, CSCP developed a Latin course radically different from all previous courses. Instead of requiring pupils to work their way through years of meaningless English to Latin sentences before reading any Latin, the new Cambridge Latin Course (CLC) focused on developing pupils' reading skills through a series of stories set firmly in the culture of the first century AD. Forty years later, the Cambridge University Press has sold over 3 million units of the CLC materials.

At the same time as creating the Latin course the Project team worked on the production of non-linguistic materials in the hope of extending the range of pupils who had contact with and knowledge of the civilisations of Greece and Rome. These CSCP Foundation courses from the early 1970s played a significant part in the rise of Classical Civilisation (or Classical Studies, as it also called) as a school subject.

The current situation

CSCP is the only Nuffield project from the 1960s still running under its original constitution. The nature of its work, however, has changed considerably over the intervening 40 years. With the CLC now firmly established and in its fourth edition, much of the CSCP's work now focuses on providing support for classics teachers and developing links with independent learners and schools with no classics teachers. There have been new publications: graded tests for the first 3 Books of the CLC; an independent learning manual; worksheet masters to help teachers cater for as wide an ability span as possible. Go to The Shop for a full list of CLC materials.

One major development has been the introduction of the CLC into many American schools and the formation of a North American Cambridge Classics Project which provides support and in-service training for colleagues in Canada and the USA.

But in the last three years the most significant developments at CSCP have been the Cambridge Online Latin Project (COLP) and the Iliad Project, two initiatives enabling CSCP to reach a wide range of new learners.

For a detailed history of CSCP see Modernising the Classics: a Study in Curriculum Development by Martin Forrest (University of Exeter Press, 1996).
Added: 17-06-2009 - Updated: -
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Friends of Classics
Visit Website
Friends of Classics is the society for anyone who is fascinated by the world of the ancient Greeks and Romans

Friends of Classics (FoC) is the society for anyone who is fascinated by the world of the ancient Greeks and Romans.
If you have some knowledge of the classical civilisations - however residual, from however many years ago - and, above all, if you wish to see classical subjects - Latin, Greek, classical civilisation and ancient history - flourishing in our schools, then Friends of Classics is for you.

FoC has two main functions:

* Raising money to encourage the study of the ancient world and its languages in schools

* Arranging activities for Friends to enjoy.

This web-site explains what Friends of Classics does, how it works and how to join; provides updates on classical topics current in the media; describes procedures for schools to apply for grants; and much more.

Added: 17-06-2009 - Updated: 17-06-2009
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Sloane Crosley
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The official website of the author of I WAS TOLD THERE'D BE CAKE

Sloane Crosley (born August 3, 1978) is a writer living in New York. She is best known as the author of a best-selling collection of essays, I Was Told There'd Be Cake.

Crosley's collection of essays, I Was Told There’d Be Cake, was published by Riverhead Books on April 1, 2008 and became a New York Times bestseller. Since then, HBO has purchased the rights to her book. Her essays and criticism have appeared in The New York Times, BlackBook magazine (where she was a contributing editor), The New York Observer, The Village Voice, Teen Vogue, GQ, Playboy Magazine, Maxim Magazine, Plenty Magazine, Page Six Magazine, Mirabella, and numerous other literary journals and websites. She has also appeared on FOX News, Sirius Satellite Radio and NPR. Crosley currently works as a publicist at Vintage Books, a division of Random House. She is, according to The New York Observer, "the most popular publicist in New York."

“This hilarious book of 15 essays explores the challenges of being a 20-something woman. The author covers everything from hiding her childhood toys under the sink to being a bridesmaid for a less-than-good friend. Witty and honest, the book will feel like brunch with your girlfriends, but funnier.”

“This debut essay collection is full of sardonic wit and charm, and Crosley effortlessly transforms what could have been stereotypical tales of mid-20s life into a breezy series of vignettes with uproariously unpredictable outcomes....Fans of Sarah Vowell’s razor-sharp tongue will love this original new voice.”
—Publishers Weekly (starred review)

Added: 10-05-2009 - Updated: 10-05-2009
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The Australian
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The official website of the national Australian daily newspaper

From Wikipedia:

The Australian, also referred to as The Oz, is a broadsheet newspaper published in Australia Monday through Saturday each week since 1964. The Australian is the biggest-selling national newspaper in the country, its chief rival being the business-focussed Australian Financial Review, with weekday sales of 135,000 and Saturday sales of 305,000. These figures are substantially below those enjoyed by metropolitan dailies in the major cities. The Australian is published by News Limited, which also owns the sole or most popular metropolitan daily in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart and Darwin.

Mitchell has said that the editorial and op-ed pages of the newspaper are centre-right, "comfortable with a mainstream Labor prime minister, just as it was quite comfortable with John Howard."

The newspaper has long maintained a particular focus on issues of Aboriginal disadvantage: "We always campaign very hard on Aboriginal issues because our readers want to see the problem fixed, not because they just wanted an apology."

The newspaper also devotes attention to the information technology and mining industries.

Under the previous Howard Government, some say The Australian's perceived cosiness with the government caused it to be nicknamed 'The Government Gazette' among journalists, including sections of the Canberra press gallery.

The Australian has run many articles critical of the science, and more particularly the politics, of climate change. It has received criticism for its climate change reporting from climate change commentary website RealClimate.

Added: 10-02-2009 - Updated: 10-02-2009
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The world's weather
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This UN website tracks the world's weather

* Satellite images - Access to the latest weather images from polar orbiting and geostationary satellites.

* Weather - Weather observations and forecasts of more than 4000 airports (METAR and TAF reports).

* Climate - Climatic data of more than 3000 weather stations.

* Cyclones - Tracks of the tropical lows, storms and cyclones.

* Interpretation of weather satellite images

* Weather satellites

* Airports - More than 4000 airport satellite images.

* Lightning

Based on free archives, including:

The Comprehensive Large Array-data Stewardship System (CLASS) is an on-line facility for the distribution of Polar-orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite (POES) data, NOAA's Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES) and derived data.

en Dundee Satellite Receiving Station, Dundee University, UK, maintains an up-to-date archive of images from NOAA, SeaStar, Terra and Aqua polar orbiting satellites. Images from geostationary satellites covering the whole earth are also available.

fr Groupe de Recherches en Télédétection et Radiométrie, Université de Strasbourg: images Meteosat de 1996 à 1999.

en Eumetsat: all Meteosat operational data since 1977.

en Visible Earth: a catalog of NASA images and animations.

en The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth hosts the best and most complete online collection of astronaut photographs of the Earth from 1961 through the present.

fr SATMOS, Service d'Archivage et de Traitement Météorologique des Observations Spatiales.

Added: 19-01-2009 - Updated: -
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The Dictionary of New Zealand Biography
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over 3,000 biographies of New Zealanders who have 'made their mark' on this country

This site (and the printed volumes) contains:

* the biographies of 3,049 people in 2,977 biographical essays

* the biographies of 492 Maori people in 481 essays, translated into Maori from the English-language biographies

The biographies have been published here as they appeared in the printed version, with a small number of minor corrections. The date given in the citation at the foot of each biography records when the text was last updated. For enquiries about earlier versions, please refer to the printed volumes or email the DNZB for further information.

Will more biographies be added?

Yes, we will add new biographies in future. For more information about how we select biographies, please see the DNZB project pages on the Ministry for Culture and Heritage website.

Can I suggest someone for inclusion?

Yes, but we only include people who are no longer alive, and we are focusing on people who were active in the years between 1960 and 1980. For more information about making a nomination, please see the DNZB project pages on the Ministry for Culture and Heritage website.

What is 'Our Land, Our People'?

This section of the site includes material adapted under licence from the New Zealand Historical Atlas (originally published in 1997). It presents snapshots of places, times, events and trends in New Zealand history, linked to the biographical content.

When was the site launched?

The preliminary version of this website was launched at the conference of the New Zealand Historical Association in Christchurch, New Zealand, on 1 December 2001. The site was formally launched in Wellington by Prime Minister Helen Clark on 19 February 2002.

Added: 19-01-2009 - Updated: -
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Jamie Oliver
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Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food

I was born in May 1975 and straight into the business, really. My dad runs a lovely pub-restaurant, The Cricketers, in Clavering, Essex, where I grew up. I remember being fascinated by what went on in the kitchen. It just seemed such a cool place, everyone working together to make this lovely stuff and having a laugh doing it.

When I was about seven or eight, they let me peel the potatoes and pod peas, that kind of thing. By the time I was 11, I wasn't half bad at veg prep and I could chop like a demon! A lot of the boys at school thought that cooking was a girlie thing. I didn't really care, especially as I could buy the coolest trainers with what I'd earned from working at the weekend.

When I was 16, I didn't really have the results to stay on at school - besides, I knew by then that I wanted to be a chef. So I went to Westminster Catering College and then did some time in France, learning as much as I could, before coming back to London to work as head pastry chef for Antonio Carluccio at The Neal Street Restaurant. I was really fortunate to have the chance to work at such a renowned restaurant so early on in my career and I made the most of it.

After The Neal Street Restaurant, I worked for Rose Gray and Ruth Rogers at the River Café for three and a half years - what an amazing experience that was. Those two ladies taught me all about the time and effort that goes into creating the freshest, most honest, totally delicious food.

It was there that I first got in front of a TV camera. A documentary about the restaurant was being filmed and the editors decided to show a lot of this cheeky kid who was so into the cooking that he'd answer back to the crew. The day after the programme was shown, I got calls from five production companies all wanting to talk about a possible show. I couldn't believe it and thought it was my mates winding me up!

The result was The Naked Chef and that's where it all kicked off I guess. Have a look around my website and you can find out a bit more about the books and TV shows I’ve done and you keep up with the latest stuff by checking out my diary. Right now I've never been busier in my life! It's a complete whirlwind - and the only thing I wish I had more time for is my family - my lovely girls Jools, Poppy and Daisy. Although we now have a place in the country to spend our weekends at, so I really look forward to Friday nights when we can pack up and spend the weekends together. That's what it's all about!

Added: 19-01-2009 - Updated: -
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The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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The Comedy Central website for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

One anchor, six correspondents, zero credibility.

If you're tired of the stodginess of the evening newscasts and you can't bear to sit through the spinmeisters and shills on the 24-hour cable news network, don't miss The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, the nightly half-hour series unburdened by objectivity, journalistic integrity or even accuracy.

The Emmy and Peabody Award-winning Daily Show takes a reality-based look at news, trends, pop culture, current events, politics, sports and entertainment with an alternative point of view. In each show, anchorman Jon Stewart and a team of correspondents, including Aasif Mandvi, Wyatt Cenac, John Oliver, Rob Riggle, Jason Jones and Samantha Bee, comment on the day's stories, employing actual news footage, taped field pieces, in-studio guests and on-the-spot coverage of important news events.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart -- it's even better than being informed.
Added: 19-01-2009 - Updated: -
Preview - Visit Website
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