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Food & Drink

Sites in This Category: 10

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Auckland restaurants: food gradings
The Auckland City Council's food gradings for all food service outlets in its area

Check before you dine!

Added: 10-08-2006 - Updated: -
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Australian Women's Weekly
The official website of the Australian Women's Weekly

What's new in the Australian Woman's Weekly ([from the issue of 10 July 2006):

* Inexpensive and mouth-watering, you can't go past our mussel recipes

* Indulge in a delicious treat: fig and chocolate meringues

* Achieve fuller lips without surgery

* Learn why you should cut meat against the grain

* Get those abdominals working for your stability and alignment

Any male who believes the gender gap has closed over the past 50 years need only spend a few minutes here to have this naive view demolished.

Perhaps the best thing about the site is "Recipe Search", where you can access 7000+ recipes.

Added: 11-07-2006 - Updated: 12-07-2006
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BBC Food
10,000+ recipes on the BBC's Food Website

What you'll find in

* Get Cooking: Interactive video recipes and masterclasses...

* TV and radio: Indian Food Made Easy, Something for the Weekend, Ready Steady Cook...

*News and events: Food in the news, Food events...

* Back to basics: Chicken, Oily fish, Cereals...

* Veggie and vegan: Vegetarian menus, Vegan menus...

* Glossary: A to Z of food...

* Recipes: Recipe finder, Weights converter, Swift suppers...

*Newsletter: Subscribe to the Food newsletter...

* Consumer food matters: Trans-fats, British veal, Omega-3...

* Make the most of: Cooking with citrus, Pick-your-own farms, Barbecue menus...

* Chefs: James Martin, Rick Stein, Bill Granger...

Added: 27-07-2007 - Updated: -
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"Life's too short to eat anything but fabulous foods!"

This is another site whose "About this site" page tells you absolutely nothing about the site.

(*Deep sigh*)

The 3000+ recipes seem to be the most useful feature:

"You've reached the heart and soul (and stomach) of, our recipe archives. Use this menu to seek out great new dishes to make or find your old favorites. Have fun and eat!"

So I have made the link here one which takes you straight to the recipe archive page. you can go back to the Home Page for other features.
We think this is a useful and interesting site. What do YOU think? Let us have your comments here on the usefulness of the site, and any alternatives which we should be adding to The Unscrambled Web.
Comment by David Harcourt
Date: 30-07-2006

Added: 11-07-2006 - Updated: -
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Food in a Minute
"New Zealand's favourite website for quick, free recipes site for quick and easy dinner ideas. Save them in your online cookbook to use again and again!"

A site, sponsored by Foodtown, NZ Pork, Tararua, Tegel and Woolworths, which featues recipes.

From the About Us page:

Welcome to Food in a Minute. With hundreds of free online recipes, it's the quick way to search for easy dinner recipes, ideas for everyday family meals and inspirational food for special occasions.

Search for quick recipes
We've made it really easy to search for recipes - whether you're looking for something specific, or just inspiration for tonight's meal - there are lots of different ways to search to get the results you want. To find recipes for a particular ingredient, enter that word, (for example, 'asparagus') in the keyword search box and click 'go'. Our search will give you all the Food in a Minute recipes that contain that ingredient.

Or, you can also choose from any of the recipe categories listed in the left hand navigation panel on every page. You can even do an advanced search where you can select a combination of categories to refine your search - this is useful if you know what you want to eat tonight, but are looking for fresh ideas.

Search by the main ingredients:
Choose from easy chicken recipes, beef, lamb, mince & sausages, pork & bacon, seafood, easy pasta recipes, rice & grains, eggs, vegetables, or fruit.

You can also search within our popular collections:

Food in a Minute Favourites: our most popular recipes.

Comfort Food: hearty food for cold winter nights

Café Food: quick easy tasty meals using today's most popular ingredients

Kiwi Classics: traditional favourite New Zealand recipes and exciting new ways with our best produce

Salads: healthy recipes for hot summer nights

Vegetarian: meatless meals in minutes

Simple, but special: when you want to celebrate - without a fuss

Desserts and Baking: all the sweet things, easy dessert recipes and smoothie recipes

Kids in the kitchen: easy recipes for kids.

Added: 07-01-2007 - Updated: 07-01-2007
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" new, different, and interesting ways to approach food"

There must be a lot of recipes in this database because when I entered "roast beef" I got 59 answers.

The link is to the page inside the site where you can search for recipes. If you want to look at other features, go back to the Home Page.

About the Site:

"Food Network ( is a unique lifestyle network and website that strives to surprise and engage its viewers with likable hosts, personalities, and the variety of things they do with food. The network is committed to exploring new, different, and interesting ways to approach food - through pop culture, adventure, and travel - while also expanding its repertoire of technique-based information. Distributed to more than 85 million U.S. households and five million website users, Food Network ranks first among ad-supported cable networks on year-to year subscriber growth and first among food websites. With headquarters in New York City and offices in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit and Knoxville, Food Network can be seen internationally in Canada, Australia, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, Monaco, Andorra, Africa, France, and the French-speaking territories in the Caribbean and Polynesia."
We think this is a useful and interesting site. What do YOU think? Let us have your comments here on the usefulness of the site, and any alternatives which we should be adding to The Unscrambled Web.
Comment by David Harcourt
Date: 29-07-2006

Added: 11-07-2006 - Updated: 11-07-2006
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Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food

I was born in May 1975 and straight into the business, really. My dad runs a lovely pub-restaurant, The Cricketers, in Clavering, Essex, where I grew up. I remember being fascinated by what went on in the kitchen. It just seemed such a cool place, everyone working together to make this lovely stuff and having a laugh doing it.

When I was about seven or eight, they let me peel the potatoes and pod peas, that kind of thing. By the time I was 11, I wasn't half bad at veg prep and I could chop like a demon! A lot of the boys at school thought that cooking was a girlie thing. I didn't really care, especially as I could buy the coolest trainers with what I'd earned from working at the weekend.

When I was 16, I didn't really have the results to stay on at school - besides, I knew by then that I wanted to be a chef. So I went to Westminster Catering College and then did some time in France, learning as much as I could, before coming back to London to work as head pastry chef for Antonio Carluccio at The Neal Street Restaurant. I was really fortunate to have the chance to work at such a renowned restaurant so early on in my career and I made the most of it.

After The Neal Street Restaurant, I worked for Rose Gray and Ruth Rogers at the River Café for three and a half years - what an amazing experience that was. Those two ladies taught me all about the time and effort that goes into creating the freshest, most honest, totally delicious food.

It was there that I first got in front of a TV camera. A documentary about the restaurant was being filmed and the editors decided to show a lot of this cheeky kid who was so into the cooking that he'd answer back to the crew. The day after the programme was shown, I got calls from five production companies all wanting to talk about a possible show. I couldn't believe it and thought it was my mates winding me up!

The result was The Naked Chef and that's where it all kicked off I guess. Have a look around my website and you can find out a bit more about the books and TV shows I’ve done and you keep up with the latest stuff by checking out my diary. Right now I've never been busier in my life! It's a complete whirlwind - and the only thing I wish I had more time for is my family - my lovely girls Jools, Poppy and Daisy. Although we now have a place in the country to spend our weekends at, so I really look forward to Friday nights when we can pack up and spend the weekends together. That's what it's all about!

Added: 19-01-2009 - Updated: -
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Lake Atitlan and Panajachel
The jewel of the Guatemala highlands is the best source of news about Guatemala, because it is updated every 5 minutes, 24 hours per day, every day. It has links to news stories about Guatemala, from 4500 news sources around the net. also has the BEST MAPS of Guatemala, based on satellite photographs. I think you can see every house in Guatemala! also contains thousands of photographs, and videos of Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, and Antigua, Guatemala, and the people who live there. also contains 100 pages about Guatemalan coffee and 100 more pages about Guatemalan chocolate. There's some great recipes here.

Added: 05-11-2006 - Updated: 12-12-2006
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Millton Vineyards
The official website of the Millton Vineyards, Gisborne

I think this is the first manufacturer of a wine or food product to make it to TUW, but there's a reason.

Millton is currently offering via supermarkets, wine merchants and at the vineyard itself a wine which is so good that I urge you to try a bottle while it's still available. It is the Opou Vineyard Gisborne Riesling 2006, the best white wine I have tasted since the Bernkasteler Doktor * which I used to be able to buy (and, more importantly, afford to buy) at the Coachman Restaurant here in Wellington at the beginning of the 1970s.

It's $22, both retail and at the vineyard, but as it's about ten times as good - no, make that twenty times - as anything else you're like to find I can only suggest that you do as I'm doing and drink half as often at twice the price.

What the winemaker says about it is this:

"The Opou Vineyard was established in 1969. It is companion planted with an array of hyssop, chicory and phacelia which aid the natural health of the vines by improving the fruit condition and flavour intensity. Opou Vineyard Riesling is a medium, dry wine with warm honeyed flavours, hints of butterscotch and finishes with a tingling mouthwatering aftertaste."

and here's what one wine merchant says:

"Great riesling buying from one of New Zealand's best. Typically fine scented, with rich, lemony, often honeyed flavours, this is the country's northernmost fine quality riesling. Grown in Gisborne (some of the vines are 24 years old), it is gently sweet, in a softer, typically less racy style than the classic Marlborough wines. The grapes are grown organically in the Opou vineyard at Manutuke and are hand-harvested. The 2005 has that classic German style with only 9.0% alcohol and the beautiful poise between racy acidity and residual sugar. It’s light and lovely, with a lemon/lime flavours and great drinkability, or a wine that has aging potential."

but ignore this if you can, and try the wine. It is absolutely sensational. Not heavily alcoholic; not oily; not flinty; not, in fact, any of the things which well-made riesling should not be.

You can order Millton wines from Caros Wine Merchants, whose website is at®ion=&price=&keywords=milton

They seem to think it's spelled "Milton", but there's a saving of a cent a bottle from them (it's $21.99), so perhaps they can be forgiven the error.

Wine Growing Region: Poverty Bay, Gisborne, New Zealand

Size Of Combined Estates: 30 hectares

Average Annual Production:
50 - 75 hectolitres/hectare
5 - 8 tonnes/hectare
10,000 cases

In 1984 James and Annie Millton established their winery on the banks of the Te Arai River near Manutuke where the early settlers first planted grapevines in 1871.

This region is situated on the East Coast of the North Island of New Zealand in the winegrowing region known as Gisborne. Originally Annie's father, the late John Clark, had developed vineyards on his estate at "Opou" in Manutuke during the late 1960's. James and Annie returned to Gisborne after experience gained in the famous wine regions of France and Germany, and by 1983 had extensively researched and replanted the families' grape growing business.

In their first five years of production, they established themselves as being leaders within New Zealand for making sweet late harvested Rieslings and wines of style coming from the Chenin Blanc variety.

Added: 10-02-2007 - Updated: 10-02-2007
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The Cook's Thesaurus

The Cook's Thesaurus is a cooking encyclopedia that covers thousands of ingredients and kitchen tools. Entries include pictures, descriptions, synonyms, pronunciations, and suggested substitutions.
We think this is a useful and interesting site. What do YOU think? Let us have your comments here on the usefulness of the site, and any alternatives which we should be adding to The Unscrambled Web.
Comment by David Harcourt
Date: 30-07-2006

Added: 03-07-2006 - Updated: 05-07-2006
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