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From Wikipedia: Law is a set of rules or norms of conduct which forbid, permit or mandate specified actions and relationships among people and organizations. The authority upon which legal rules rest and the extent to which they are formally codified varies between jurisdictions but all legal systems are united in their attempt to ensure impartial treatment of those suspected of breaking the rules and to bring about justice. Law is typically administered through a system of courts in which judges (sometimes with the aid of a jury or lay magistrate) hear disputes between parties, and apply a set of rules in order to provide an outcome that is just and fair. The substantive and procedural laws, and the manner in which laws are administered, are collectively known as a legal system, which typically has developed through tradition in each country. Most countries rely upon police to enforce the law. Police officers most often, must be professionally trained in law enforcement before they are permitted to act under the color of law, to issue legal warnings and citations, execute search or other legal warrants and to make arrests. Legal practitioners, most often, must be professionally trained in the law before they are permitted to advocate for a party in a court of law, draft legal documents, or give legal advice.
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A, A Blog For Animal Lovers, a blog for animal lovers, a blog for animal lovers

Added: 04-07-2009 - Updated: -
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enotes features high-quality study guides, lesson plans, and other reference material in various academic areas.

The (excellent) notes provided cover these areas:

* Literature: Our flagship collection of literature notes, lesson plans, and literary criticism and information. Featuring the best-researched and most complete collection of online literature content anywhere.

* Science: Featuring useful, highly detailed science materials for students and teachers alike, as well as up to the moment science news.

* Law & Politics: A complete resource for students, educators, and researchers that features high-quality law encyclopedias as well as detailed information on American politics.

* History: A vast and always expanding collection of historical documents and information, including rich primary source content for students and teachers.

* Business: Featuring detailed business reports for hundreds of thousands of public and private companies as well as in-depth business information for students and educators.

* Social Sciences: High quality content for the study of social sciences, including our popular Viewpoints series.

* Health: Over 5000 pages of meticulously researched health and medicine information. Searchable and cross-referenced for ease of use.

" was founded in 1998 by two recent college graduates who were frustrated with the lack of quality study guides available online. Starting with the works of Shakespeare, now offers study guides to over 4,000 works of literature and literary movements as well as content in many other subject areas. The company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, and our sites are among the most visited student websites in the world, providing the highest-quality content to millions of students, teachers, and readers. is constantly growing and improving, adding content from diverse sources in order to provide our users with the best information presented in a crisp, clean format which is easy to use. Our mission is to provide students, teachers, and readers with the most in-depth, useful, and highest-quality study guides for the greatest works of literature."

Added: 10-07-2006 - Updated: 10-07-2006
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